Snag Lists

Prior to moving into one’s new house, it is strongly recommended and best practice to request a snag- list to be carried out.

Requesting a snag list prior to moving in eliminates any likely confrontation or discord which may ensue between the client and builder, once the client has moved in.

A snag list is an inspection of a new house for possible defects which may which should be remedied by the builder prior to the client moving in.  The snag list inspection is usually done when the build is complete, normally 10 days before the specified moving date.

The Surveyor’s inspection covers the entire house, externally and internally.

Peace of Mind

The following are some of the aspects inspected:


  • The builder’s workmanship is noted and inspected for standard compliance
  • The plumbing system – no loose pipe-work and that boiler is functioning, tagged and bonded
  • The electrical system – adequate sockets, lighting, fixtures and that electricity supply is connected
  • That all windows and doors are functional, properly sealed and safety restrictions in place
  • That the window reveals, external and internal are finished to an acceptable level
  • Smudge-free paintwork must be completed to an acceptable standard both externally and internally
  • Tiling completed
  • Light fixtures
  • The standard of all plasterwork in monitored and checked that render is removed from doors and windows
  • B.E.R. certification supplied to the client
  • A safe finish on footpaths is required
  • Finally, a copy of the snag list is sent to the builder by recorded delivery

Satisfied Customers

Not knowing what was involved, we were advised to have a snag-list done, before moving into our new home. We engaged O’Mahony Engineers and Chartered Surveyors. The house was thoroughly fine-combed for any defects both on the outside and in the inside. The few that were found were attended to and we moved into a perfect house. What a pleasure!

Jacqueline & Edward