Pre-Purchase Survey

This thorough inspection enables the client make a well-informed decision on the feasibility of purchasing a property, based on its current condition.

Photographs, highlighting defects which need remedial work are clearly defined and outlined.

The survey will be carried out and completed within the time-frame agreed upon and a report will be sent in PDF format by e-mail.


  • Each room is evaluated for its appropriate suitability, ventilation, heating and safety measures
  • Moisture levels are recorded and the possibility of rising damp is considered.
  • Wall and attic insulation in inspected as are the water tanks and cylinder.
  • Recommendations with regards to electrical and plumbing inspections are made.


  • Boundary and building regulations compliance are checked.
  • The external focus is on all visual aspects of the structure- walls, roof, windows, drains, fascia and soffit.
  • Drains are examined and manhole covers are lifted to assess the condition of sewerage and waste pipes.
  • Footpaths and boundary walls are evaluated and noted.
  • The condition of outdoor garden sheds is also recorded.

User Friendly Report

Michael’s pre-purchase survey/engineer’s report covers a thorough inspection of all visual constructive aspects of a property.

It is self-explanatory and user friendly. 

The recommendations in this report are colour coded. This sample image is from one of our reports.



Satisfied Customers

“O’Mahony Engineers and Chartered Surveyors carried out a Pre-purchase survey for me. I found it a most pleasant, hassle-free experience. Mr. O’Mahony clearly explained, both verbally and via e-mail all, that was entailed and as promised, his report was indeed user-friendly, self-explanatory and professionally presented.”


“The professional report of O’Mahony Engineers and Chartered Surveyors was admirable. The attached, labelled photographs made it so easy to understand. The recommendations were concise.”


“O’Mahony Engineers and Chartered Surveyors clearly outlined what a pre-purchase survey meant and why it is necessary. The report we received was well presented and well explained. The photographs which showed all aspects were a great help. It was a pleasure to deal with that company.”

Ciarán and Eilís