Planning Applications

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Planning Applications

Initially, clients meet with us to outline their preferences, expectations and aspirations within the designated budgetary confines, with regard to the design of their house. Many meetings may ensue before an acceptable design is achieved.

Designs depend on several mitigating factors:-

Zoned areas

Guideline set out by the Local Planning Authorities

Suitability to the site


Design must be in keeping with the heights of neighbouring houses

Soil and Percolation Testing

Position with regard to natural light

Once a design is agree upon and is within the Planning Authority’s guidelines, it is then submitted for permission and hopefully acceptance.

Overseeing the build

If the client requests that we would oversee the build, our brief would be to:

Oversee that each stage of the build is carried out in accordance to the specifications, building regulations and planning approval.

We also certify for the relevant stage payments for which part of the mortgage may be” drawn down”.

Finally a comprehensive Certificate of Compliance will be issued on a satisfactory standard of completion of the build.

We would also be available in an advisory capacity to the client should the need arise.


Building a house was a huge undertaking for me. O’Mahony Engineers and Chartered Surveyors took control from start to finish— from the Planning Application to overseeing the build, to ensuring that the stage payments were at the appropriate times. Indeed, right to the end! The whole undertaking was stress-free and we were well-informed at all times. Thank you so much.













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